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12.02.2021   Message from the Dean of Plymouth

As many of you at Christ the King will know, Fr Jacek’s health has not been good over the past few months. Despite a series of investigations, the medics have not been able to identify exactly what is the cause of Fr Jacek’s illness. They have ruled out all the well-known big diseases, but as yet they haven’t been able to find out what is wrong. Like many of you, priests have been working throughout the pandemic, pretty much without a break, and the pressures and tiredness that come from that have taken their toll. Again, many of you will have had a similar experience.

For Fr Jacek, these two things, his undiagnosed illness and the experience of working through the pandemic, have doubled the effect each has had on him.

For some weeks Jacek has been trying to carry on with his duties in the parish, reducing those to a minimum, but this last week he reached the stage when he realised he couldn’t continue without ending up very ill indeed. So on Thursday he went to speak with bishop Mark who was already aware of what was happening, and the bishop has asked Fr Jacek to take a break, so that he can get some rest and hopefully get to the bottom of his medical condition.

Fr Jacek will be away for a few weeks and hopefully will return with his illness identified and dealt with. In the meantime, pastoral and sacramental care will continue to be provided for the church of Christ the King. As you know, this church is part of the Cathedral parish, so you still have Canon Mark as your parish priest, and Fr Oscar and Deacon Albert as parish clergy – they will take the lead in providing pastoral care for you. Because of their commitments at the Cathedral, they cannot cover all the masses there and at Christ the King by themselves, also none of them speak Polish, so other priests will also be helping out in celebrating the masses at Christ the King. We aim to continue all the masses here at Christ the King as usual, except the 10.30am Sunday Polish mass. The Saturday evening Polish mass will continue as usual, but we do not have Polish speaking priest available on Sunday morning. Elsewhere in the newsletter and next week there will be more details of contact numbers and so on,

but my main message at the moment is this. Don’t worry. Fr Jacek will be well cared for over the

next few weeks, and we hope and expect that he will return revitalised and with his medical

condition sorted; and this church of Christ the King will be cared for too while he is away. In the end we are all in the hands of God who cares for us all, and he will look after us.

Fr Petroc



We are still in epidemiological risk zone 3 (Tier 3). We can participate in the Holy Mass, while maintaining all sanitary rules: masks, disinfection, distance. We must not gather before and after Mass. in groups. All Holy Masses in our church they will be celebrated according to the schedule in the bulletin. On Saturdays at 5.30 p.m. Mass is broadcast online on our YouTube channel:

Christ the King Plymouth.

Unfortunately, meetings of all parish groups in the parish are still suspended.

Whenever you enter our church please respect the requirements for sanitising on entry and exit, social distancing, wearing a mask if you are able (we have a supply of masks if you forget to bring your own), and you are not supposed to socialise in the church … up to 6 people can gather in a group once outside also please fill in ‘Trach and Trace form and give to Marshal on exit. An NHS ‘Track and Trace’ QR code is provided at the entrance for your convenience. If you are unsure of requirements please ask the Marshal on duty at the entrance.If you come for private prayer it would be helpful if you you sanitise your place of prayer when you leave – cleaning chemical and wipes are provided at entrance. Also place you dated/timed ‘Track and Trace’ form in the locked box (marked ‘Donations /giving to be placed in this box …) to left of first exit door.

We fight the coronavirus – In order for us to all stop the spread of the epidemic, we must strictly follow specific recommendations.


Please note that from 8th  August by Law all coming into Places of Worship (for Masses) are required to wear Face Coverings – if you see someone not wearing a face covering they may have good reason, it is not your responsibility to challenge them, our marshals will not do this and also are not required to wear. Only the Police have powers in Law to enforce this Law.If you are receiving Communion then please remove your face covering in advance of receiving Communion and for this time.

Young children under the age of 11 are not required to wear face covers (Public Health England do not recommended face coverings for children under the age of 3 for health and safety reasons)


In the light of COVID-19 this is an updated version of what has been circulated previously. The level of street homelessness is likely to increase as hotels and other holiday accommodation, which have helped to provide shelter for the homeless, come back into use for tourists. Given that our parishioners, and we ourselves as priests, sometimes have personal contact with homeless people, this updated advice may well be timely.

Homelessness advice – download


Public Masses restart this Saturday 4th July at Christ the King – Evening Mass (First of Sunday) is temporarily moved to 5.30pm until further notice – Church accessible from 4.45pm. Mass on Sunday will be at 12.30pm (again a temporary change until further notice) – Church accessible from 12.15 pm.
There will be guidelines that need to be followed – please adhere strictly to instructions given on leaflet and by stewards – these are for our safety.
If you are unwell, have COVID-19 symptoms or have health issues you should not attend Mass – streaming continues.
With prayers, Fr. Jacek.

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